10 Commandments across P1-P7

Most of our 10 Commandments Resources have been written for P5-7 classes. If you’re looking to use the story with younger classes this page will give you some great ideas.

Middleton Park School had a whole school context of ‘conflicts’ for a term. As part of this every class looked at the story of the Ten Commandments and thought about ‘Rules – good or bad, why do we have them?’.

Here’s how we did it:

We started by telling the story in a whole school get together. At the end of the assembly we issued each class a simple challenge to encourage them to start thinking more about the story. Here’s our list of challenges.

Each class explored the story at a different level. Staff were provided with information on learning intentions, how the learning from the story would progress through the classes and some activity ideas. You can find that information here.  The second level classes used the resources already described on our main Ten Commandments page.

We had lots of fun! Here’s a lesson plan for taking the story outside with P1-3

There was some great discussion about why we have rules, which rules are important to us, and how if everyone followed certain rules our world could be a very different place. The staff extended the learning to explore if other world faiths have rules to follow and to consider what other world faiths think is the ‘best way to live’.

Our term finished with a Remembrance Service and a Prayer Space allowing the children to reflect on all they had learnt. These were to a large extend planned and led by the children. You can see videos of them here.