This term’s stories

This term we’re focussing on developing resources to teach the Prodigal Son at second level and increasing our resources to teach Noah’s Ark at early level.

We’re looking forward to lots of water play and animal noises as we learn about the Christian belief that God keeps his people safe and think about who keeps us safe.

And it will be great to listen to the kids exploring issues of forgiveness and the difference between someone just saying sorry or someone repenting. What would they have done if they were the father in the story? Would they have welcomed the son back? What would they have said to the elder son? As they explore the concept of a parable we’re hoping they will be able to work out for themselves what Christians believe this one reveals about the character of God.

Don’t forget our resources are collaboratively developed with local teachers and will have many cross curricular opportunities as well as meeting RME Es and Os.

We’ll let you know when the resources are uploaded onto the website.

Why not come along to our training twilights on these two stories? The info is all here