Taking the Nativity Outside

This is a story that is familiar to children but often muddled. So before we start exploring it we need to hear the story. Going outside provides different locations for the different scenes in the story and simple props and costumes are always a winner no matter the age of the kids.

We then split them into groups for a game of “bring me”. This is a simple game, usually a race against the other teams to bring the named item to the game leader. Normally you would ask them to bring things they can find or already have e.g. “Bring me a smelly sock, bring me something shiny”. Taking it outside and linking it to the story encouraged them to use their creativity, work as a team and think deeper about the story. We gave a time limit of two minutes for each “bring me” and they had to use whatever they could find in the woods to create the object. Great fun!

Bring me a star …

Bring me a sheep ..

Bring me a baby …

Bring me what you think is the most important part of the story …

And be able to explain why. Some great answers here. “Jesus. He’s the main character. He grows up to be kind and caring.” “The Baby Jesus. Without him we wouldn’t have Christmas and then we wouldn’t get presents.” “The angel coming to Mary. Or the story wouldn’t have started”. “Jesus, he came to save the world”.

Bring me something new you’ve learnt …

“We don’t know how many Wise Men there were. It doesn’t say three.” “The Bible is a special book for some people.” “We made a Bible with a crown because we learnt in the Bible that Jesus is going to be a King.” “Angels are boys!” “We didn’t know King Herod was in the story.”

All of these responses and discussions around them let you know what aspects of the story to explore next. What has intrigued the kids? What is new to them? What don’t they understand?

I had a great morning with this class, thanks for having me Danestone School and I’m looking forward to next week!

Here’s the full list of items for the Bring me game. We didn’t use them all!

  • a star

  • a baby

  • a present

  • a sheep

  • something they might have needed on their journey

  • an emotion from the story

  • a shepherd

  • your favourite part

  • what you think is the most important part?

  • 3 things you’ve learned about Jesus.

  • Something new you’ve learnt.

  • 1 question


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