The Prodigal Son

Our Prodigal Son resources have been tried and tested this term and are now available on the website.

The Prodigal Son

They have proved to be engaging and stimulating, providing ways in to discussions on wrong doing, forgiving and being forgiven. Please do take a look and we hope you enjoy using them!

The children said:

“I liked it. I hope they do it another time. I liked the activities”


“I really enjoyed learning about God”

“I liked hearing the story”

“The discussions were exciting. I liked hearing what other people were thinking”

“I learned that you should forgive people”

A teacher said:

“I thought the work you did with the kids on the Prodigal son was fantastic. It got them thinking very deeply about issues they had previously probably never discussed. The level of engagement was wonderful and the variety of responses proves that even children as young as they are, can be capable of individual thoughts they do not necessarily always follow the crowd.”

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