Going deeper into the Nativity Story

After hearing and exploring the story the previous week we wanted to encourage the children to dig a bit deeper into the story. These activities worked really well (and need minimal prep!)

Each table of children were given a print out of part of the Nativity Story from the Bible (a copy each). First job was to read it with a partner and underline any words they didn’t understand.

We then had a class discussion about those words and helped each other figure out what they mean.

Then we asked them to write down what they learnt about Jesus in their Bible Passage. This was a great comprehension exercise as well as helping them discover more about Christian belief. Another class discussion helped us share our discoveries and made sure we knew what they meant.

Still working with a partner, we asked each pair to choose a character from their part of the story. We gave them each a blank speech bubble and a blank thought bubble. They were asked to draw their character (thinking about facial expression) and then fill in the speech and thought bubbles. What do they think their character said? What might they have been thinking?

You can download the Bible Passages to print here  christmas-bible-passages

Speech bubbles here speechbubbles

Thought bubbles here thought-bubbles

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