Read it for yourself!

With most classes I work with I allow time during our sessions for children to read the Bible story for themselves. It’s great for literacy, reinforces the story and I use it to emphasise that when someone teaches you something it’s important to check the evidence for yourself.

Sometimes we use a good children’s Bible. I like the Beginners Bible

It’s got great pictures and by partnering up children of different reading abilities I find most P2s and 3s can have a good go at reading it.

An easy fill in task if they finish before their friends is to let them keep reading other stories. What happens next?

With more confident and older readers I’ll give them the actual Bible text to read. Sometimes I’ll print it out from

That way I can make the font bigger and they can underline words they don’t understand as they read it.

Once a class has read it, I always ask – was it the same as the story I told? Did I miss anything out? Or add anything in? These are great discussion starters.

One class was fascinated to see the difference between the children’s bible and the actual bible text. They were amazed to discover that the Bible had actually been written in different languages – I left them with the challenge to find out which ones.

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