Heart and Soul Festival

Each year as part of the Church of Scotland’s ‘General Assembly’ (kind of like a big ministers conference and leadership meeting) there is a festival in Princess Street Gardens called Heart and Soul. http://www.heartandsoul.org.uk/  We were invited to be part of that festival giving us an opportunity to showcase the Ten Must Know Bible Stories Project.

We had a wonderful time! 4 of us from St Columba’s Church went down (Sue works for the church leading the project, Shona is a teacher in a local school who have been collaborating with us on the project, and the two girls have both been part of the project in their school). We led a workshop exploring the story of David and Goliath. Everyone got to watch our fantastic new video (which you can see here) and enjoyed some of our activities. A big well done to the two girls who did a fantastic job working with people they didn’t know to help them understand the resources and demonstrating how to make sling shots.

Hopefully this is just the start of us being able to promote our resources to other schools and churches across Scotland.

After our workshop we explored the rest of the festival!

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