The Ten Commandments

I still can’t get over the depth of the questions and the thinking children have shown as we’ve explored this story in several second level classes this term. It’s such a great way in to thinking about rules and the need for them, it expands their thinking from their small world to the huge world we’re part of and it helps them reflect on war and the horrific situations they’re sadly seeing on the news so regularly. It gives them space to ask questions. We’re also seeing them develop the skills of debating and listening to different opinions and ideas from their own. So I can’t recommend it enough! We’ve twice this term followed up the sessions with a visit from a local minister, the children had so many questions they needed a set aside time to explore them and hear answers. How faith and religion impacts our world is such an important issue for children to dig into, we need to allow them to have opportunities to have conversations with people of faith.

I’ve updated the resources on the Ten Commandments page and added lots more photos.


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