Time to stop and think!

This term at Danestone Primary the children have been exploring the stories of The Good Samaritan and Daniel and the Lion’s Den. Through the stories they have learnt about the Christian practice of prayer and considered the importance of being kind to everyone.

This has all been brought together in a ‘prayer space’. A room in the school has been transformed. Different zones have allowed the children to reflect on their learning from these stories, thinking about how it affects them and the world around them.

The session starts with a brief reminder about what prayer is and why it is important to many people. The activities are explained and the children encouraged to spend time reflecting, thinking, hoping or praying. Whatever they wish to do. They are reminded to respect others around them and that is an individual activity, everyone needs to decide for themselves what they wish to do.

The Good Samaritan was kind, we got a chance to make a card for someone. Perhaps to thank them for being kind to us or just to brighten their day. We can be kind!

The Good Samaritan helped people. We thought about people who need help. Colouring them in and writing a prayer or a hope for them on the back.


Sometimes we aren’t kind to people. This zone was a chance to think about things we have done wrong. We wrote or drew about them in the sand. And after we thought or prayed we wiped the sand flat again. Remembering Christians believe when they say sorry to God he forgives them and wipes away their wrong doing.

Sometimes others aren’t kind to us. We feel hurt or angry and can hold onto those feelings. As we held a pebble we thought about times we’d been hurt and if we were ready to forgive we dropped the pebble in the water.


There were lots more zones but hopefully that has given you a taster!

The feedback from the children was fabulous. Lots of them expressing gratitude for time to think and reflect on their feelings and emotions and the world around them.


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