About us

The Ten Must Know Bible Stories project is a partnership between schools and a local church. The partnership between teachers and a church schools’ worker has resulted in a pioneering programme to explore delivering 10 Bible Stories as contexts for learning across the curriculum. This approach has been endorsed by HMIE as excellent.

On this website there are high quality, tried and tested resources to explore ten bible stories with nursery and primary school children. These resources are designed to:

  • give children an understanding of Christian beliefs.
  • involve children as active participants encouraging them to respectfully and thoughtfully discuss ‘big questions’  as they explore how faith and belief affect the world they live in.
  • encourage respectful but lively discussion helping children learn to reflect on, consider and evaluate new information before forming and expressing their own opinions. Engaging them in a personal search for meaning and moral values.
  • embed RME across the curriculum.

Several of the stories have been adapted for outdoor learning.

All the resources reflect the Scottish Government’s legislation and guidance on RME in school.

The Ten Must Know Bible Stories project started as a collaborative project between St Columba’s Church and Middleton Park School.

The project is funded by the Church of Scotland “Go For It” fund and supported by our local schools, the church, Aberdeen City Council as well as other grants. We are grateful to all our funders.

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