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The Ten Must Know Bible Stories project began when St Columba’s Church in Aberdeen collaborated with 7 local schools to rethink how Christianity is taught as part of the RME curriculum. Combining their experience and expertise has resulted in a suite of resources which promote active and outdoor learning, embed RME across the curriculum and encourage children to discover Christian belief for themselves as they explore 10 Bible Stories.

The Ten Must Know Bible Stories project now partners with the Scottish Bible Society and links to their Bibleworld PowerPoints of images for each story can be found throughout the resources. These PowerPoints can be downloaded for free and provide a valuable resource for storytelling and for other activities; for example sequencing pictures from the story.


On this website there are high quality, tried and tested resources to explore ten Bible stories at first and second level. The resources are all free to download.

The resources are designed to:

give children an understanding of Christian beliefs.
involve children as active participants encouraging them to respectfully and thoughtfully discuss ‘big questions’ as they explore how faith and belief affect the world they live in.
encourage respectful but lively discussion helping children learn to reflect on, consider and evaluate new information before forming and expressing their own opinions.
engage children in a personal search for meaning and moral values whatever belief they hold
help teachers embed RME across the curriculum.

All the resources reflect the Scottish Government’s legislation and guidance on RME in school.

As well as providing resources the 10 Must Know Bible Stories Project offers training sessions for schools or chaplains. These training sessions will increase participants knowledge of a Bible story and increase participant confidence in helping children to explore the story.

Support and Funding.

The Ten Must Know Bible Stories project started as a collaborative project between St Columba’s Church and Middleton Park School. Very quickly 6 other local schools became involved. These are Braehead Primary School, Danestone Primary School, Forehill Primary School, Glashieburn Primary School, Greenbrae Primary School and Scotstown Primary school.

The project has received grants from the following organisations:

Church of Scotland "Go For It" fund
Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge
The SMB Charitable Trust
The Swinton-Paterson Trust
Aberdeen Presbytery

Featured Resources

Ideas and resources to develop learning across the curriculum

Mind map

Ideas to explore the story of Noah's Ark as you play and learn. 

Resources to explore the story of Noah's Ark


Find these in our case study page. Ready to go, engaging ideas for early, first and second levels to help you deliver at home learning. 

'Learn at home' resource packages


Filmed assemblies ready for you to use. HWB themes linked to a Bible story. 

Filmed Assemblies.

“We became far more aware of the power of these stories to take us into other areas of the curriculum which made them more real to the lives of our pupils.”

― Acting Headteacher, Middleton Primary School

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