Are rules good or bad? Learn at home resources based on the story of the Ten Commandments.

As this Coronavirus outbreak progresses we’re all finding it harder to stick to the rules. It’s frustrating to have to stay at home and we are missing our family and friends. We’re sure lots of our children are feeling the same.

In the story of the Ten Commandments God gives his people rules, and they find it hard to stick to them!  Exploring this story will help children explore their views on rules. Are they good or bad? Why do we have rules? What rules would they make for their community to follow. We hope these resources will also give the children space to consider and process their feelings and frustrations about the current rules we are all having to follow.

Visit our YouTube channel for two videos retelling the story of God giving the 10 Commandments to Moses and for two assemblies on the theme of Keeping the Rules.

There is a simple retelling during which the children can join in with actions.

And a retelling aimed at older Primary children.

The assemblies link to the rules we are following during the Coronavirus outbreak. Are rules easy or hard to keep? There’s an active thinking time before we go on a quick hunt around our house to find objects to help us tell the story of the Ten Commandments. We learn that God’s people forgot the rules were there to keep them safe and weren’t very good at keeping the rules. We remember why it is so important we are good at keeping the rules at the moment and leave you with a challenge – how can you make following the rules more fun (and therefore easier)? The P4-7 assembly has a longer ‘pause to think’ towards the end when we consider that we will find keeping the rules easier if we remember who makes the rules, why we have the rules, and that by keeping the rules we are showing love for others.

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