Noah’s Ark

This is more than just a story about cute animals! Our RME sessions will help your class take their first steps in understanding the Christian faith. They will be introduced to the Christian belief that God keeps his people safe, linking it to their world – who keeps them safe? And they’ll get the chance to think about keeping and breaking promises. How does it make them feel?

Your class could choose to extend their learning in so many different directions. Water play – floating (and sinking!) boats, making it rain, flooding their world. Construction – building a boat, what materials will they use? How big will their boat be? How big was the Ark? Can we measure it out together on the field? (It’s big!!) Can we count in twos? Can we put the animals into pairs? These are just some of the almost endless possibilities for cross curricular learning linked to this wonderful story.

This material was developed for Early Level but some classes have easily adapted it to first level.

Enjoy this short film showcasing our Noah’s Ark work at Middleton Park School

Overview and Lesson Plans

“Can you spot” questions for printing

“Can you spot” answers (pictures to print and create “big spots” with)

People who look after us photos

Promises feeling faces

Cross curricular possibilities

A teacher brainstorm of more cross curricular ideas