Case Study – Inventions, Awe and Wonder

Here’s an example of how you could embed the Creation account into your curriculum.

Middleton Park School had a whole school learning context of ‘Inventions’. Keen to ensure RME was part of this they decided the whole school would explore the Christian story of creation as their ‘jumping off’ point for that term’s RME.

The link was simple: How do you think the world started? Was it the most amazing invention ever or was it just a happy coincidence? Was it planned and made by something or someone or did a random sequence of events cause it to appear?

We provided staff with learning intentions for each stage to ensure progression of learning through the school, guided them to the resources on this website as a starting point and left them to it!

You can download those learning intentions here:

Learning Intentions

You can see that the Christian account was just a starting point, the learning was extended to ensure children heard about and researched other ‘start of the world’ beliefs. There were lots of opportunities for discussion and debate.

A highlight of the term was their ‘Awe and Wonder’ Day. A day for all pupils to slow down and appreciate the outdoor space they have. It started with an outdoor assembly where we heard and took part in the creation story and then there were opportunities to relax in, to investigate and to improve our outdoor space. We pegged a leaf to our favourite part of our grounds and took some time in the ‘thinking teepee’ to consider what we believe. There were amazing questions and thoughts shared, everyone listened to each other respectfully and we even started to explore the question ‘are science and religion compatible?’

This is a wonderful example of how RME is relevant to a child’s world and how good RME doesn’t just teach them about different beliefs but allows them to develop skills and qualities which will benefit them in many areas of life. Skills and qualities like respect, questioning theories to look for evidence and pausing to reflect on their own beliefs.

Enjoy this video and photos from our Awe and Wonder day.