Celebrating Easter together

Here are some simple ideas to celebrate Easter together before term finishes. During or after each activity chat about how this way of celebrating relates to the Christian story of Easter. Why do Christians do this to celebrate at Easter? 

Have an Easter Egg hunt! 

Enjoy a hunt together. If you are able to hide plastic eggs you could pop questions about the story into them. Why do we hunt for eggs at Easter? (Answers could be – the egg reminds of the stone, the egg is a link to new life and reminds us that Jesus came alive again, or the woman hunted for Jesus’ body)

Decorate and roll eggs

Decorate a hard-boiled egg (children could be challenged to decorate it in a manner that reflects the Christian Easter Story.)  Go out in school or with your family and have fun rolling them down a hill. Ask the children if they can explain the link between egg-rolling and the Easter story.

Eat Easter snacks! 

Our Early years resources have some great ideas. Talk about the Easter story as you eat hot cross buns or Tomb Treats. You can download the resources here: https://tenbiblestories.org/resources/easter-death-and-resurrection-of-jesus/

Have a fun quiz

Test your knowledge of the Easter story with a quiz. Make it fun by hiding ‘points’ in plastic eggs. If a team answers a question correctly they get to choose an egg and therefore the number of points they get! You’ll find quiz questions in the additional resources here: https://tenbiblestories.org/resources/easter-death-and-resurrection-of-jesus/

Enjoy an Easter craft

Make an angel or a cross suncatcher or enjoy marbling with eggs. Find lots more ideas in our Early years resources. 

Download our Easter Resources for lots more free activities and lesson ideas.

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