Christmas – the birth of Jesus

We have a variety of resources to help you explore the Christmas story in your classroom.

Taking the Christmas Story outside (first and second level)

Two sessions helping children hear, learn and explore the Christmas Story outside. A gentle introduction to discovering the Christian belief found in the story.

Christmas Story, 1-2 level, outdoors.

Storytelling script


What do the characters in the story teach us about Christian belief? (second level)

A session that can follow on from your outdoor learning or a simple reading of the Christmas story.

Going Deeper

Christmas Bible Passages

What can we learn from the characters? (second level)

This session follows on from the ‘Going Deeper’ session.

Trust in the christmas story

Nativity story pictures (print these as slides or handouts depending on the size of picture you’d like)

The Christmas Story with a focus on empathy.
This is a resource aimed at second level pupils focussing on reflection and empathy. It was developed collaboratively with Rachel Chalmers, teacher at Middleton Park Primary. It is helpful if the children are familiar with the Christmas Story before taking part in these session(s). We hope the four downloads below have everything you need to run a successful session.





Telling the Christmas Story in an early years setting?

Here’s an outline for an outdoor session.

Teaching and exploring the Christmas Story outside. Early level.

Try some of these simple activities to extend the children’s learning and help them to explore the story.