Countdown to Easter!

In amongst the eggs and chocolate and rabbits why not take time to explore the Christian story of Easter with your class? It will be a great opportunity for children to gain a new understanding of what Christians believe and why Easter is so important to Christians.  

Over the next few weeks we’ll share ideas for taking the story outside, exploring it with early years, considering the emotions in the story and delving deeper into the characters. 

Of course it all starts with discovering the story for yourself. It’s a long story so why not create a whole morning of activities from it? 

Palm Sunday

  • The crowds celebrated Jesus the king.
  • Tell (download scripts from our Easter Resources) or watch the story.
  • Rise to the challenge: create your own palm leaves to make or try writing “Hooray for the King” using natural objects.

Garden of Gethsemane

  • This is where Jesus prayed and was then arrested. 
  • Tell or watch the story.
  • Rise to the challenge: find objects (indoors or outdoors) that start with the letters GARDEN. Pretend to write a social media post, can you describe what happened in the Garden? What picture would you attach? 


  • Jesus was killed on a cross. 
  • Tell or watch the story.
  • Rise to the challenge: make a crown of thorns or find the biggest cross shape you can. List two things you didn’t know before about this part of the story. 


  • Jesus rose from the dead. 
  • Tell or watch the story.
  • Rise to the challenge: Find the roundest stone you can, does it roll?

Click here to find this idea and lots more resources to help you explore the Easter Story with all stages of classes.

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