Delve Deeper into the Christmas Story

Here are 3 ideas to explore the Christmas story with classes who feel like ‘they know it all already’

Think about the characters! 

Invite your class to create or draw one of the characters from the story. They need to consider how the character is feeling and make sure the facial expression matches! Provide them with speech and thought bubbles and ask them to write down what the character might have said and thought. Share their ideas together and enjoy the conversation!

Who trusted who? 

There’s a lot of trust in the Christmas story. Mary trusts what the angel has to say. Joseph trusts that Mary hasn’t cheated on him. The Wise Men know NOT to trust King Herod. 

Challenge the children to sequence a set of pictures from the story and then add on post its that identify where a character shows trust and explains why they trusted them. Use a different colour of post it to identify where there is no trust! Consider what it means to be trustworthy and consider if that’s a quality to value in a friend.

Use emojis!

Can they retell the Christmas story using emojis?! They’ll need to be able to remember the story and consider what all the characters were feeling. Who was scared? Who was happy? Was anyone confused? Don’t forget angry King Herod! 

All these ideas and more can be found in our second level Christmas resources. Download them here.

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