Easter: Outdoors and Active

Why not go outside and get active exploring the Easter story? There are lots of ideas to help you do this throughout our Easter resources, here are some of our favourites.

Enjoy an Active Quiz to Reinforce the Easter Story

Jump up and down for true , jog on the spot for false – or think up your own active actions.  True and false quiz questions can be found in the additional resources for Easter.

Go on a cross hunt.

Why not go outside and look for cross shapes? How many can you find? How did people feel when Jesus died on the cross? Stand next to a cross shape and show me the answer using your face! How would people have looked when he died? Can you make a cross? Can you get it to stand up? What’s the biggest cross you can make?

Create an Easter Garden. 

Use what you can find to create an Easter Garden. Make sure you include the cross, the tomb and the stone and maybe you could use some flowers to create the garden where Jesus was arrested.

Sad or Happy?

Sequence the Easter story by having a relay race and pegging the pictures onto a tree or fence.  Pictures to use are provided through our resources. Which parts of the story were happy or sad? Use natural objects to make sad and happy faces next to the right parts of the story. 

Play Easter ‘Port and Starboard’

This is a great running around game to help you stay warm as you recap the Easter story. You’ll find the instructions in our brand new Early Years Easter resources (Teacher-led activities) but older children will love it too!

Roll away the stone

Remember that Christians believe that the angel rolled the stone away and the tomb was empty. Jesus was alive! Can you find a round stone and roll it? Hard boil an egg and decorate it. Have fun rolling it in your garden or a hill nearby. How many times can you roll it before your egg cracks and breaks? Why do you think Christians do this at Easter? 

Remember all these activities and more are found as part of our Easter resources. Download them for free here: https://tenbiblestories.org/resources/easter-death-and-resurrection-of-jesus/

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