Easter – The death and resurrection of Jesus

These resources will help you to look at the story of Easter and to think about what it can teach us about Christian belief. The Easter story is hard to teach. It’s long, complicated, horrific, violent, incredibly sad and involves death. But it reveals a key Christian belief, it’s got a great ending and it gives us an excuse to eat chocolate! In these resources I’ve tried to keep it simple, but still give ways in to explore the detail in the story. The lesson outlines start with a lesson aimed at early years and then go gradually into more depth. Please do pick and mix from them all and choose the ones that are right for your class. And please do drop me an email if something doesn’t make sense!

In the lesson outlines I’ve tried to follow this pattern:

  • hear the story
  • explore the Christian belief
  • use the elements in the story to reinforce it.
  • explore the themes (usually the emotions found in the story.)
  • celebrate Easter




The following resources should help you deliver the lessons described in the outline. All pictures are from the Beginners Bible.