Jump for Joy? Let go of your worries? Send a message in a bottle?

Transition themed prayer or reflective spaces for Nursery to P1, P7-S1 and to support the transition between learning at home and coming back to school.

Around this time of year we would usually host ‘Prayer spaces’ in our local schools for our P7 classes around the theme of transition. They have proved hugely popular in providing a place for the children to reflect on their past experiences, considering for example; what they are thankful for, who they will remember and what they’re proud of. They also allow children to express their feelings about moving on; what are they excited for, what are they worried about?

We have adapted our usual resources to provide ideas for simple, engaging activities that encourage prayer and/or reflection on transition focussed topics in the home environment. They will support children’s emotional, mental and spiritual health. There are three options to view:

  • Activities to support Nursery to P1 transition
  • Activities to support P7 – S1 transition
  • Activities to support the transition between learning at home and going back to school.

There is also a document with ideas of how these resources could be a shared experience for your class, allowing children to be inspired and encouraged by their class mates.

These resources are based on ideas created by Prayer Spaces in Schools. Visit their website for lots more ideas.  https://www.prayerspacesinschools.com/

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