Moving on. Learn at home resources based on the story of Daniel and the Lions

We may not know exactly what’s going to happen next for the children we teach (or ourselves!) but we do know they will all be experiencing change and transition. This may be simply the change of going back to school or bigger changes like moving up to academy.

Prior to the story of Daniel in the Lions’ den Daniel has been forced to live in a new place and a new culture. By exploring his story we learn how despite this change, he remembers what is important to him and what he holds onto from his past. Our Daniel ‘Learn at Home resources’ will help children enjoy the story, explore the Christian belief found in it and consider their upcoming change and transition. They will also reflect on what is important to them to remember from this season and take forward to the next.

The resource has ideas for early, first and second level. They’re designed for you to pick from a selection of ideas and use them as they are, or adapt them to fit your class. There are 4 sections: Hear the story, Check our understanding, Start thinking and Turn thinking into action.

The Scottish Bible Society have turned their fantastic Bibleworld book images into a short video that tells the story of Daniel and the Lions. This is an excellent resource to help you share the story with your class. Find it here:

Our team love storytelling. Here’s Fiona encouraging children to interact with the story as she tells it. You can find this video on our YouTube channel.

Don’t forget you can access all our ‘normal’ Daniel and the Lions resources and lesson plans  here

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