New: Early Level Easter Resources

Unsure of how to explore the Easter Story with wee ones?  Look no further than our NEW Early Level Easter Resources.  Find them here.

They include:

  • a quick guide to help you get the most out of what’s on offer, 
  • an early level story script, 
  • some simple, but interactive teacher-led ideas to explore the story further with your class and 
  • a mind-map of ideas for play contexts that can easily be set up in a Nursery or class play area AND a mind-map of play ideas that link to the key Easter themes. These allow the children to explore the Easter story in their own way, but also provide links and suggested teacher prompts of how to extend learning further.  

Best of all, all our resources are ready-made for practitioners to pick up and use.  Here are three small ideas as a taster:

Two Symbols Egg Hunt

Hide four coloured plastic eggs in your outdoor area or classroom (Pop a small twig into eggs 1 and 2, a small stone into egg 3 and nothing into egg 4)  Have fun hunting for the eggs, then find out what the cross (use the two twigs to make it) and the stone have to do with the Easter story by listening to the story together. Why do you think the last egg is empty?

Have an Easter snack and talk about the story. 

Enjoy hot cross buns (you could be adventurous and make your own!) or empty tomb treats. Talk about the cross or the empty tomb. What happened in those places? 

Go on a cross hunt! 

Indoors or outdoors can you spot any cross shapes? Talk about what happened at the cross. On the way back why not collect a few small stones and try rolling them. As you do chat about the stone that was rolled away from the tomb entrance. 

Download all our resources to find lots more activity and learning ideas.

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