Outdoor Classroom Day 2020

Will you be going outside for Outdoor Classroom Day? Here are 5 of our favourite (and easy!) outdoor learning ideas.

  • Make an outdoor picture: tell, read or watch a Bible story in your classroom and then head outside to create a picture from it using natural objects. You could allocate groups a scene from the story, ask children to make a picture of their favourite part or ask them to create what they think is the most important part of the story. Don’t forget to spend some time enjoying your pop up outdoor art gallery!
  • Improvise props and scenery: once you’ve heard, watched or read a Bible story challenge your children to head outside and re enact it. They must use natural objects to create props and scenery. What will they use for Goliath’s sword? Can they build an ark? What about the five loaves and fish Jesus used to feed the 5000? Enjoy watching the show!
  • True or False quiz: this is a great ‘on the spot’ and ‘warms you up’ activity. After you’ve told, read or watched a Bible story reinforce (or assess) the children’s learning with a quick true or false quiz. Choose two spots in your playground or field, they run to one if they think the answer is true, and to the other if they think the answer is false. Alternatively you could ask them to jump up and down if they think it is true or jog on the spot if they think it is false. Extend the activity by asking the children to write the questions and to invent actions for true and false.
  • Sequence pictures from the Bible story: this feels like an indoor activity but by taking it outdoors you add challenge. What will they peg the pictures onto? Is it thin enough and long enough to work? How will you stop the pictures blowing away? You can use the outdoor space by placing all the pictures at one end of your playground and starting with a relay race to collect them before sequencing. Extend the activity by asking ‘when did this happen’ or ‘when did the character feel like this’ kind of questions and invite the children to peg a leaf onto the picture they think is the answer.
  • Base a scavenger hunt on a Bible story: tell, read or watch a Bible story and then head outdoors to reinforce the story using a scavenger hunt. Could they search for something that God made on each of the 7 days in the creation story? Can they find something that matches the colours of the rainbow as they’re remembering the story of Noah?

There are lots more ideas for outdoor learning spread through out all our resources. Visit our resource pages and enjoy exploring the ideas.

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