Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son is a parable. A story Jesus told to help people understand more about their own wrong doing and God’s amazing love and forgiveness. As children explore the story and the Christian beliefs contained in it, they also discover the relevance to their own lives. Do they need to say sorry to someone? Do they need to forgive? Can you forgive even if the other person hasn’t said sorry? Do they have friendships they need to fix?

These sessions have been developed for older primary school children.

To tell the story why not use this wonderful powerpoint from Bibleworld Books (Scottish Bible Society). Called ‘The Two Sons’.

There are many opportunities to link this RME learning across the curriculum.  There are lots of literacy and drama opportunities as this story could be imagined from any of the characters’ points of view. Your class could explore what a Jewish family would have been like, what did they farm? What did they eat? Do they understand about Kosher food? You could even challenge your children to be the Prodigal Son – could they do a better job at budgeting than him?!

Here are the resources. Click on them to download them for free.

RME lesson plans Prodigal Son second level

Addtional Resources Prodigal Son