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Explore the story of Creation as you play and learn together.

These Creation learning resources can be used:

Outdoors! It’s the perfect story to take outside. We provide lots of ideas to teach and explore this story in your outdoor space.
In any context linked to our world. Perhaps you’re enjoying contexts like ‘Under the Sea’, ‘Exploring the jungle’ or ‘Space and Planets’. Why not link your RME teaching to that context.
When you’re exploring how and why we should care for our environment. In the creation account God gives people the job of looking after the world. As you consider this you will be helping your pupils begin to understand how faith and belief are relevant to the world they live in.
To start thinking on ‘where do we come from?’ ‘why are we here?’ or ‘How did the world begin?’. These are wonderfully big and important issues for children and young people to start to grapple with. These resources help them understand the Christian viewpoint, encourage them to discover other beliefs and help them to discuss and debate while developing their own beliefs. It’s a wonderful opportunity to teach children respect and encourage them to be interested in others’ thoughts and opinions.

Our introduction will help you understand the resources and plan your sessions. It’s also full of ideas to extend the learning across the curriculum. Download this here.

We find children ask lots of questions during these lessons. They can be tricky to answer! We hope our notes on ‘Understanding Christian belief in the Creation account and FAQs’ will help you feel more confident. This file is included as part of the Creation Story additional resources.

Choose the lesson plans for the appropriate level for your class and download our pack of additional resources to go with them.

Additional Resources

Featured Resources

Ideas and resources to develop learning across the curriculum


Ideas to explore the story of Noah's Ark as you play and learn. 

Resources to explore the story of Noah's Ark


Our Creation story resources include lots of outdoor learning ideas.

Head outside and explore the story of Creation


Ready to use, engaging ideas for early, first and second level to help you explore the Easter story.

Get ready to explore the Easter story

“Working with the Ten Must Know Bible Stories Project has opened my eyes to the possibilities within RME. Through observing the lessons on the 10 Must Know Bible Stories, I have been able to take the structure and ideas and tweak them to suit other areas of RME. It has been incredibly helpful for my development.”

― Teacher, Glashieburn Primary School

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