Easter - the death and resurrection of Jesus

This Easter learning resource can be used:

To help your pupils grasp the connections between Easter celebrations and the biblical account of the death and resurrection of Easter. Why do we have Easter eggs? Why is new life associated with Easter?
To explore emotions. What emotions can they identify in the story? Are there times we feel like that too?
Outdoors! Exploring the story outside is fun. Search for or make cross shapes. Roll eggs down the hill. Many of our learning activities are designed for (or are easily adaptable to) outdoor learning.

Our introduction will help you understand the resources and plan your sessions. It’s also full of ideas to extend the learning across the curriculum. Download it here.

The account of the death and resurrection of Jesus reveals key Christian beliefs.

Choose the lesson plans for the appropriate level for your class and download our pack of additional resources to go with them.


Free Easter Story PowerPoint

Download a Bibleworld Books PowerPoint resource to help tell the Easter Story

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Ideas to support healthy transitions.

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“The pupils adore the lessons and love the discussion, games based approach to lessons. The pupils also enjoy the outdoor learning element to the lessons.”

― Teacher, Danestone Primary

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