Guide to Storytelling

These resources are all based around the Bible stories. For the children to explore the stories and learn from them they first of all need to hear the story.

How you tell them the story is up to you.

We love story telling and each story has a story telling script included. You can use these to help your class ‘act out’ the story as you tell it from the front. These scripts ensure the main points of Christian belief are emphasised which will help as you deliver the rest of the lesson.

The Scottish Bible Society has produced wonderful images from the stories. These are found in their Bibleworld PowerPoints and can be downloaded for free. The Bible text is attached as notes in the PowerPoint to help you tell the story.

You could find a children’s Bible and read the story from there. It’s always worth checking that the story is an accurate reflection of the actual Bible account. The same applies if you’re planning to use a video of the story.


Finding your way around the Bible?

Need help exploring the Bible? Check out our tips here.

Featured Resources

Ideas and resources to develop learning across the curriculum

Good Samaritan

Resources to explore what it means to be a Good Samaritan

At home learning: The Good Samaritan

Tablets of stone

Resources to help us consider: Are rules good or bad? Easy to keep or hard to keep? 

At home learning: The Ten Commandments

2020-05-20_11-15-07_832 widescreen

Ideas to support healthy transitions.

Jump for joy? Let go of your worries?

“The level of engagement was wonderful and the variety of responses proves that even children as young as they are, can be capable of individual thoughts they do not necessarily always follow the crowd.”

― Teacher, Middleton Park Primary School

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