Noah's Ark

Resources for first level, second level and now NEW Early Years resources to help you explore the story of Noah's Ark as you play and learn together.  

These Noah's Ark resources can be used:

As part of a context that links to the story. Perhaps you’re planning a context like ‘Natural Disasters, ‘The Weather or ‘Animals’. Exploring the story of Noah and the ark would allow you to link your RME teaching to these contexts.
When you’re exploring ‘keeping safe’ or considering ‘making and breaking promises.’ The story of Noah and the ark provides a wonderful way in to explore these concepts no matter what religious belief your pupils hold.
To start thinking on ‘expectations, consequences and punishment – what is fair and just?’. The account of Noah and the ark allows deep thinking and provokes big questions. These resources will help you to encourage your pupils to explore these questions and encourage respectful discussion.
Outdoors! There are so many possibilities to explore this story outside. You could create animals from natural materials, measure out the ark (it’s big!), enjoy a rainbow hunt or have some fun with water exploring puddles and floods! Many of our activity suggestions can easily be taken outside.

Our introduction will help you understand the resources and plan your sessions. It’s also full of ideas to extend the learning across the curriculum. Download it here.

We find children ask lots of questions during these lessons. They can be tricky to answer! We hope our notes on ‘Understanding Christian belief in the account of Noah and the Ark and FAQs’ will help you feel more confident. This file is included as part of the additional resources.

Choose the lesson plans for the appropriate level for your class and download our pack of additional resources to go with them.

leaving the boat

Free Noah's Ark Story PowerPoint

Download a Bibleworld Books PowerPoint resource to help tell the story of Noah's Ark

Featured Resources

Ideas and resources to develop learning across the curriculum

Mind map

Ideas to explore the story of Noah's Ark as you play and learn. 

Resources to explore the story of Noah's Ark


Find these in our case study page. Ready to go, engaging ideas for early, first and second levels to help you deliver at home learning. 

'Learn at home' resource packages


Filmed assemblies ready for you to use. HWB themes linked to a Bible story. 

Filmed Assemblies.

“I really liked how the activities were really active and we were not just sitting at our desks drawing pictures.”

― Pupil feedback

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