Story 3

The Ten Commandments

Explore the story of The Ten Commandments as you play and learn together.

This Ten Commandments learning resource can be used:

As part of a context on war or conflicts. These resources link exceptionally well to these contexts encouraging children to expand their thinking from their own small world to the whole world. Your pupils will enjoy considering some big questions. If everyone had followed the Ten Commandments would historical conflicts have happened? What commandments would you make to prevent another war? Why did God not stop the war? Is all killing wrong?
When you’re exploring ‘rules’ or ‘rights and responsibilities’. Why do we have rules? What should the consequence be for not following the rules?
To start thinking on ‘what is the best way to live’? The Biblical account of God giving his people the Ten Commandments showcases the Christian belief that God requires his people to live in a particular way confident that it is the best way to live. How do we as individuals decide what our values will be or what ‘rules’ we will live by? How do we decide what is the ‘best way to live’?
Outdoors! The story is set outdoors, Moses climbs a mountain and God writes on tablets of stone. Can we recreate the story outside? Our resources, particularly for first level, provide many ideas for outdoor learning.

Our introduction will help you understand the resources and plan your sessions. It’s also full of ideas to extend the learning across the curriculum. Download this here.

Choose the lesson plans for the appropriate level for your class and download our pack of additional resources to go with them.

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"The class participated in the 3 lessons linked to the Ten Commandments. We were doing WWII as a project and the theme suited it well. The children were engaged, asked thoughtful questions and participated in good discussion work. The work also linked to the need for rules in the class and in society which also led to great discussions."

― Teacher, Forehill Primary School

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