Taking the Christmas story outside!

Yes it’s usually cold at this time of year and it might even be snowing but we’ve found taking the Christmas Story outside can be fun for all ages of children.

It’s important to wrap up warm and keep your lessons active but being outside can help children engage with and enjoy the story.

The Christmas story happens in a variety of locations, the angel appears to Mary in Nazareth, Jesus is born in Bethlehem, the Shepherds are in the fields outside the town and the Wise Men travel from afar. Being outside means we can move around to ‘these locations’ as we tell the story. We can pretend to travel with the characters and as we move we can talk about how they must have been feeling or what they might have been thinking.

The characters travels in the story create a good opportunity for us to follow or create trails. And being outside makes this much easier to happen. We can follow or create trails of foot prints or stars. Where are the trails taking us? Could there be challenges along the way? Can they create the scene they might have found when their journey ended?

Using the outdoors and what we can find as our resources we can explore the story by creating objects, characters or scenes from the story. This is a fun challenge and we can deepen the learning in simple ways. Challenges like ‘Can you create what the Wise Men followed?’ allow us to check their understanding and knowledge of the story. Challenges like ‘Can you create something that shows me what you learned about Jesus?’ or ‘Can you create what you think is the most important part of the story?’ deepen their thinking and encourages them to think about the Christian beliefs found in the story.

Our resources for the Christmas Story have ideas to help you take your learning outside and ideas for further exploring it inside. Why not give it a try with your class this year?

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