The Creation Story for Early Years.

The story of creation, the very first story in the Bible, is a perfect story for young children to explore. They can relate to the items in the story, it’s all things they see around them every day and things they enjoy learning about. They can demonstrate their knowledge of animals, sea creatures and space. They are able to use their prior knowledge and interests to direct their cross curricular learning.

These resources are designed to be delivered in an outdoor context and will help both Primary One and Nursery children explore the Christian belief that God made the world. Using the outdoors allows the children to relate the story to the real world and encourages discussion on the story and issues relating to it in our world today.

The account of creation includes God giving people the job of looking after the world. This provides us with a wonderful link to environmental issues. Who should look after our world? Should we? How can we do that?

Here are the resources. Click on them to download them for free.

RME lesson plans creation early years

Early level additional resources

Below is a short film that shares the children’s learning at Middleton Park Primary that we hope other early years settings will find useful.