The Creation Story for Second Level

The environment and how we look after it is a hot topic for older primary school children. By helping them to explore the Christian account of creation we have an opportunity to link to this topic that many of them are interested in (if not passionate about!) and help them see how faith and belief are relevant to the world they live in.

It’s also a time where image and identity are becoming important to them and this story provides a way in to exploring these issues.

Many children ask the question ‘how did the world begin?’ These resources help them understand the Christian viewpoint, encourage them to discover other beliefs and help them to discuss and debate while developing their own beliefs. It’s a wonderful opportunity to teach children respect, encourage them to be interested in others’ thoughts and opinions and to teach them the skills needed to look for and review evidence.

You can download the resources for free by clicking on the links below.

RME lesson plans creation second level

Second level additional resources