The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan is a parable. It is a story Jesus told to help a Jewish man understand how God expected him to live. The parable is preceded by an account of the encounter between Jesus and the Jewish man.

As well as helping children explore Christian belief and Christian values this parable challenges everyone to think about their own personal values. Who are they willing to help? Who should they be willing to help? What are they willing to sacrifice to help someone else? What should they be willing to give up for someone else?

We have written resources to help you explore this story with your class. They would be easily adapted for first and second level classes. You can download the resources below.

The learning to be extended to include think about friendship and kindness and consider how we approach moral dilemmas. It can be easily linked to current issues like the treatment of refugees? How do we respond personally? Should/is our country acting like a Good Samaritan? Does faith and belief have anything to say about government policies?

To tell the story why not use this wonderful powerpoint from Bibleworld Books (Scottish Bible Society).

Here are the resources. Click on them to download them for free.

RME lesson plans Good Samaritan

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