The Ten Commandments

God’s people, the Israelites have escaped from Egypt and are now in the wilderness. It is at Mount Sinai that God tells his people that if they obey him and keep his commands they will be his special people. He calls Moses up the mountain and in the midst of some dramatic weather gives him the Ten Commandments.

We have written resources to explore this story with children in early level classes (go to this page) and for those in second level classes. (Go to this page). Either could be easily adapted or elements combined for first level classes.

There are many opportunities to link this RME learning across the curriculum.  As the children learn about God’s rules we can link it to their experience of rules at home or in school. It can help them consider the consequences (individual and corporate) of following or not following rules in the world.  Linking this into a learning context of war or conflicts works exceptionally well. If Christian’s consider following God’s rules the best way to live, how do I know the best way to live? What are my values and where do I get them from?

This Biblical account could be taken outdoors – lots of ‘mountain’ climbing and writing on rocks! For younger children there is the easy link to numeracy and counting to 10.

We hope you enjoy using our resources. Here’s where to find them:

The Ten Commandments for early level

The Ten Commandments for second level