The Ten Commandments for early level

As they enjoy learning about the story of God giving his people 10 special rules younger children can be encouraged to think about the rules they encounter, at home or at school or at clubs. Why do we have rules? Are our parents and teachers just being mean?

Their understanding of Christian belief will deepen as they are taught that Christians believe that there is only one God and that they try to follow his rules. They are beginning to understand that what we believe affects the way we live.

Some simple active games will help them understand the commandments in their world – what does it look like to follow them? What does it look like if we’re not following them? Children can be gently asked – whatever you believe which ones do you think are good rules to follow?

For children in early years this links wonderfully to learning the numbers 1-10 and mark making/writing on different materials. There are lots of great cross curricular links to enjoy.

Here are the resources. Click on them to download them for free.

RME lesson plans Ten Commandments younger

The Ten Commandments