The Ten Commandments for second level

The Biblical account of God giving his people the Ten Commandments showcases the Christian belief that God requires his people to live in a particular way confident that it is the best way to live. The story raises questions that when explored further allow children to explore and express their own beliefs and thoughts on how the world should work.

The learning and discussions can be based around any context where rules apply – home, class, school, country. Many schools have used these resources where the learning context is ‘conflicts’ or a particular conflict. You’ll see that emphasis in some of the resources below.

If everyone had followed the Ten Commandments would the world wars have happened? What commandments would you make to prevent another war? Why did God not stop the war? Is all killing wrong? There are big questions and big answers!

Several sessions could be given to exploring each commandment in turn. Do the children understand what they mean? Could they rewrite it into language they understand (if it’s hard to understand)? Why do they think each commandment is important.

You can download the resources for free by clicking on the links below.

RME lesson plans Ten Commandments second level

Second level additional resources