The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments is a story which showcases the Christian belief that God requires his people to live in a particular way. His way. There are so many questions raised by this story that allow children to explore their own beliefs and thoughts on how the world should work.

Primary 7 classes have explored this story in the context of World War One (or other conflicts). If everyone had followed the Ten Commandments would World War One have happened? What commandments would you make to prevent another war? Why did God not stop the war? Is all killing wrong? There were big questions and big answers!

Below is an outline of the sessions and other resources used during the delivery of these sessions.

I’ve added a document about how I’ve adapted these resources to use when we were looking at this story as a stand alone topic (not in the context of conflict). The discussions and questions have been so brilliant and often revealing really deep thinking that I have arranged for local ministers to visit the class after my sessions to try and help the children answer their questions.

I’ve also added an option for an active quiz. While the discussion has been brilliant in all the classes they’ve not remembered the story as well. Adding an active quiz, perhaps at the start of session two will help to remind them of the story.

If you’re looking for resources to use this story with younger children or to see how to explore it across a whole school, this page has lots of ideas.


Lesson outlines not in conflict context

Recap exodus story powerpoint (pictures from


Human Buzzer Recap Quiz

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Commandment cards (

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